Fire Service Recipients – Taken from The Times, 9th June.

Royal Victorian Medal.

Paul Michael Goodall – Fire Safety & Access Control; Buckingham Palace.



Stewart James Edgar – CFO & Dir of Ops; Gloucs County Council.



Faisal Atcha – Ff; Gloucs F&RS.

Dominic Bryan Furby – Formerly Asst. Dist. Cmdr; W. Yorks F&RS

Ronald Gordan Nicholl – Ff; NI F&RS

Lorraine Smith – Stn Mgr; Sth Yorks F&RS




Denis Henry Black – Ff; NI F&RS.

Joanne Todd – Watch Cmdr; Princes Trust Team, Herts.




Karen Adams – Grp Mgr; Dorset & Wilts F&RS.

Paul Andrew Argyle – DCFO; GMC F&RS

Robert David Coss – Watch Mgr; Derbyshire F&RS.

Huw Dennis Jakeway – CFO; Sth. Wales F&RS.

Rosemary Curtis – Watch Mgr; Scottish F&RS.

Elizabeth Logan – Grp Mgr; Scottish F&RS.

William David Rout – Area Mgr; Scottish F&RS.  

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