Fire Service recipients.

(taken from The Times)


Royal Victorian Medal.

Phillip Anthony Collins; Fire Safety & Access Officer, Buckingham Palace.


Order of the British Empire.


Andrew John Fry; Formerly CFO, Royal Berks F&RS.

Lynne Marie Swift; Dir. of People & Organisation, Bucks F&RS.


Jackie Adams-Bonitto; Head of Training Assurance, London Fire Brigade.

Michelle Hodgson; Formerly Chairwoman, Co Durham &Darlington F&R Auth.

Lindsey Ann Issacs; Formerly Head of Prevention, Dorset F&RS.

Christine Elizabeth Robson; Watch Manager, Co Durham & Darlington F&RS.

Simon Charles Ryder; Watch Manager, Gtr. Manchester F&RS.


British Empire Medal.

David Denvir; Watch Cmdr, Northern Ireland F&RS

Andrew Neil Marshallsay; Herts F&RS.

Terry Stephen Ridgley; Welfare Officer, Bucks F&RS.


Queens Fire Service Medal.

James William Courtney; CFO, Sth Yorks F&RS.

Phillip John Loach; CFO, W, Mids Fire Service.

Russell Pearson; CFO, Surrey F&RS.

Karen Anne Soady; Watch Manager, Tyne & Wear F&RS.

Paul Walker; CFO, Cornwall F&RS.

Gordon Brown; Ff, Scottish Fire Service.