Rules of the Fund

1. The Fund Shall be called the British Fire Services Association Members Welfare Fund (hereinafter referred to as the Fund.)


2. The Objects of the Fund are the relief of Members and their dependants by the following means provided always no disposition of the Fund shall be made except for charitable purposes.

a) To provide grants for those Members and ex members and their dependants who are eligible for the same in accordance with the rules herein after.

b) To make provision for dependants of deceased Members of the Association who are eligible under the rules of the Fund.


3. The Fund shall be managed by a Committee (hereinafter call the “Committee”) which shall comprise:-

a) The incumbent President of the British Fire Services Association.

b) The incumbent Chairman of the Governing Council of the British Fire Services Association.

c) One District Representative may be elected annually by each District of the Association.

d) Nine Members of the Association to be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Association who may serve for a period of 3 years.

4. The Committee may appoint sub committees as they think fit and delegate to them such of their powers as they may deem advisable.

5. The Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy that may occur amongst their elected members, other than District Representatives or among the Officers of the Fund, such member or Officer to hold office until the next Annual General Meeting of the Association.


6. The Capital of the Fund is subject to the provisions of a Trust Deed dated the 14th May 1906, and made between George Mitchell Seabrook of the 1st part, Robert George Graham of the 2nd part, the Most Noble Gavin Campbell Marquis of Breadalbane, the Right Honourable Rudolph Aloysius Augustine Fielding Earl of Denbigh and the Right Honourable Frederick Glyn Baron lverton of the 3rd part and the provisions of the said Trust Deed as to the investment of such moneys as ought pursuant to be invested shall apply accordingly.

7. The Committee by resolution order that the Trustees do pay to the Treasurer of the Fund such sum out of the capital of the Fund as may in the opinion of the Committee be necessary for the purpose of the meeting any exceptional demands on the Fund or deficiency in the income thereof and thereupon the provisions of the said Trust Deed shall apply accordingly.

8. Donations and all other money collected in the name of the Fund shall be remitted to the Treasurer or Secretary before the 31st of December in each year.

9. The Committee may authorise any District of the Association to collect donations and subscriptions to the Fund from Brigades in its area and all moneys so collected shall be remitted to the Treasurer or Secretary before the 31st December in each year.

10. All donations received by the Fund will be placed in a “Restricted Fund” to be used only for the direct assistance of Members, ex Members and their dependants.

11. The Treasurer shall provide the Secretary with such sums of money as the Committee shall from time to time deem necessary to make provision for emergency grants or such other needs as the Committee may decide.

12. The authority for payments to be made under Rule 11 shall be by resolution of the Committee sent to the Treasurer over the signature of the Chairman of the Committee and the Secretary of the Fund.

13. All cheques drawn upon the Fund on or after 15th October 1994 be signed by the Secretary/Treasurer or a person appointed for the purpose, and one other signatory who, in the case of cheques to the value of £1000.00 and above, or such other sum as the Committee may from time to time determine, shall be one of the Trustees appointed for the purpose and may, in the case of cheques for less than this amount be such a Trustee or Employee of the Association appointed by the Secretary or Treasurer for the purpose.

14. The Committee may authorise such payments by way of fees, rentals, salaries, honorariums or expenses as they may from time to time deem necessary to secure the proper conduct of the Fund.

15. The Financial year shall end on 31st December and all accounts made up to date shall be audited as soon after that date as practicable and presented to the Annual Meeting.

16. The Committee may make grants from the Fund either by periodical payments or otherwise to:

a) Members or ex Members being or have being serving members of a brigade which is or was during their period of service a member of the Association or a member of which is a member of the Association.

b) The necessitous dependants of such Members.

c) The necessitous dependants of deceased Members who would have been eligible in accordance of clause a) of this rule.