Chair of BFSA London & SE District, Paul Basson was again very pleased to take up an invitation from the Officers and Firefighters to attend
“The SDH Stara Hut 128th Fire Ball”
on Saturday 20th January 2018 in the Czech Republic.

Paul Basson, Chair BFSA (London & SE) District with Milan Kadlec, President of SDH Stara Hut Volunteer’s

 A very “Big” surprise was in-store for Paul … he was granted and awarded the Association of Volunteer Firemen of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia (SHCMS) CZ – OCH – 3rd Degree Bronze Medal for International Co-operation.

Paul Basson said   “ I am truly honoured and overwhelmed to receive the Medal….and I will wear it with great pride. A fantastic honour……thank you SDH Stara Hut Volunteer’s.”

Josef Havelka – Paul Basson – Lukas Hula – Milan Kadlec Snr

It was also Fantastic to hear all about the new Fire Cadet unit starting up last year… Congratulation’s to Ales Vandas, SDH Stara Hut Commander….It has been a pleasure to see the  Village’s “Sustainable Resilience Development Programme.” in action. Strongly lead by Stara Hut Village Mayor, Petr Dragoun and his team with the continuing support of the SDH with the whole village.

The Ball took place in the newly and beautifully renovated Village Hall with over 250 guests attended, raising funds for the  Village Volunteer Fire Service.

“The Fantastic Men & Women of SDH Stara Hut.”

 Foot note :

The Medal is granted in three degree’s, 3rd Degree – Bronze is issued by the the Local District, 2nd Degree – Silver is issued by the Region and 1st Degree – Gold is issued at a National level.

The medal is the only medal that can be granted to  a foreign national, Members of foreign partner Fire and Rescue organisations who have greatly contributed to the development of international cooperation of Fire-fighters and Rescuers.

Paul Basson

Chair BFSA (London & South East) District.