About Us

Origin of the British Fire Services Association (BFSA)
The BFSA was formed in 1949 by the amalgamation of the National Fire Brigade’s Association and the Professional Fire Brigade’s Association. The NFBA was formed in 1887 when it was known as the National Fire Brigade Union and was incorporated in 1912. The PFBA was formed in 1902.
Thus the BFSA can claim over a century of tradition & experience. All of this has been devoted to advancing the status of the nations fire fighters and improving the effectiveness of the measures taken to protect life, save damage to property and render humanitarian services.
The BFSA is unique in that its members are drawn from sections of the fire service. This means not only the public fire brigades established under the Fire Service Act 1947, but also the occupational and private fire brigades established to protect industry, commerce and private premises. These are also the fire brigades of Government Departments and the Ministry of Defence, hospitals and airports just to name a few.
The BFSA is a company incorporated by charter. It is not a trade union and does not attempt to function as such, although like many organisations having concern for its members it has done much to advance their status over the years.
The BFSA is a strictly non-political and as a democratic institution, its members are drawn from all ranks and disciplines. The Governing Council of the Association is freely elected by the Districts, with representatives from the public fire service and occupational and private fire brigades.
Our Mission Statement
A forum for all Firefighters to ensure the highest priority is afforded to all matters appertaining to Fire Safety and Training which actively promotes the personal development of all Firefighters within all areas & disciplines of the Fire Service industry.