A gold Commendation Medal has been created by the British Fire Services Association to recognise deeds of outstanding and noteworthy service to all members of the Fire Service industry which will be solely available from the British Fire Services Association.

Currently there is a gap in the award system to individually recognise acts of selfless deeds or other outstanding levels of service carried out by fire-fighter’s and civilian staff.

In such circumstances if you wished to award a medal in recognition of such service the British Fire Services Association have agreed that this medal can be utilised by Local Authority, Occupational, and Private Fire & Rescue Services including those within the Ministry of Defence estate for the said purpose.

The images on the medal embraces more than 100 years of fire service history and traditions closely held to this day by the whole fire service industry.

These unique quality medals are minted by one of the most renowned medal makers in the country and the medal plus miniature medal along with the undress ribbon bar would be available ready to wear in a presentation box with its unique ribbon which would include the full size medal being engraved with the recipient’s name.

For an application form or further information regarding this medal please contact the General Secretary on Tel 01526 830255 Email shop@bfsa.org.uk

Mick Lee
National Chairman