To be held on Saturday 27th October at 11.00 hours at the Paper Trail, Hemel Hempstead.  Courtesy of South Midlands & Home Counties District.

2018 AGM Agenda.

  1. To open the meeting.
  2. To remember members that have passed away in preceding year.
  3. To receive apologies for attendance.
  4. To approve the minutes of 2016 AGM.
  5. To receive the Chairman’s address.
  6. To re- appoint Mr F.R Turner, FIFPO, as Chairman of Governing Council.
  7. To approve the 2017 accounts (previously circulated).
  8. To appoint Vice-Presidents.
  9. To re-appoint the Chaplain.
  10. To re-appoint Simon Moss as the Association accountants.
  11. Any other business, not requiring notice of motion.
  12. To close the meeting.

Frogmore Paper Mill
Fourdrinier Way
Apsley, Hemel Hempstead

Items with the BFSA badge are only available to Association members, please ensure you add your membership details when ordering. Association Long Service Medals can only be issued to members, Please contact the General Secretary before placing an order if you do not have your membership number. Dismiss